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The third beta update includes fixes for Group FaceTime and the missing date on the lock screen, as well as a few tiny app updates. Apple just released the third iOS Beta 3 fixes an issue with the lock screen, and reintroduces Group FaceTime to beta testers. Overall, iOS We already know that Microsoft has something big planned for later this month, and now we have details on how to watch the company's big reveal.

While augmented reality made more of a cameo appearance during Samsung's official grand unveiling of the Galaxy S10 line-up on Wednesday, it's the company's move into 5G connectivity that has huge implications for AR. After years of rumors and waiting, Samsung's first foldable smartphone is here. While it lost the title of the first foldable phone to the Royole FlexPai, this is a far better design and a phone whose hardware and software will help carry the new form factor into the future.

It's a bit wild, but it could end up being one of the most influential devices in years. With Apple releasing the iPhone X R , it appears Samsung is looking to challenge this "budget flagship" option head-on.


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They brought their usual two phone releases this year, but also threw in another three for a total of five phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S10e. And for many, this might be the option to look at. The Galaxy S10 has finally been revealed to the masses, and it certainly doesn't disappoint.

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As the flagship to herald the tenth anniversary of the venerable Galaxy S line, the S10 has kept popular and familiar design elements like the immersive Infinity Display while employing new features like more advanced cameras to set a new standard for other OEMs to follow.

Samsung just announced the Galaxy S10 lineup, but we already knew each device's every nook and cranny.

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Thanks to leaks and hands-on demos, we know the OEM kept the coveted headphone jack, but omitted one treasured feature in its place — the notification LED. Why did Samsung strip the S10 of this light, and can users expect something to replace it? A relay is an electrical component that works like a light switch, where it's turned on or off with an electrical signal. By connecting a relay to a Wi-Fi connected microcontroller like an ESP, you can build a connected switch that can be controlled from the web browser of any device connected to the same Wi-Fi network — all for just a couple of dollars.

With Touch ID, you can register up to five fingerprints, but it doesn't stop there.

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Using a little-known trick, you can sneak another five fingerprints in there for a total of ten. The Oscars are fast approaching, which means that all the most talked about films are getting a second dose of heavy promotion in hopes of winning an Academy Award. Now that Lego Movie 2, a film about an imaginary world made of plastic bricks existing parallel to the real world, is in theaters, it's the perfect time to shop for Lego apparel at a store modeled after that world.

The hype around augmented reality has risen to a fever pitch over the past two years, and if this week's selection of business news stories are any indication, the din is about to get down right deafening. Popping a shell is often the main goal of a hacker, and it can be exciting when executed properly, but sometimes they do have their limitations. Metasploit's Meterpreter probably needs no introduction, but this powerful, dynamic payload can offer a leg up over normal shells.

To prove it, we'll show how to take a normal command shell and elevate it to a Meterpreter session.

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Snapchat made augmented reality selfie effects famous, with Facebook copying the feature across its mobile apps. Of course, others have followed, but their face tracking apps often pale in comparison to the original. With the number of web applications out there today, it comes as no surprise that there are just as many vulnerabilities waiting for hackers to discover. Finding those vulnerabilities can be a difficult task, but there are plenty of tools available to make the process easier.

While it won't help find any zero-days, web scanners such as Uniscan will detect common vulnerabilities. For years, iPhones have had haptic feedback. Rather than full-force buzzing, the Tactic Engine provides a tiny vibration under your finger when performing certain actions on the screen. While Apple itself was able to take advantage of this tech before app developers, for some reason it was never included in the stock iOS keyboard — but there's still a way to get haptic feedback when typing.

Nike and Snapchat, having already reigned triumphant with its viral augmented reality ad featuring Lebron James, are teaming up with another basketball legend at NBA All-Star Weekend. The battery icon in your iPhone's status bar gives you a visual idea of how much power is left, and there's a battery percentage option you can switch to or view in the Control Center, depending on your model. Check out the best sounds and reactions from the Falcons players in part one of the Best of Mic'd Up Falcons agree to terms with Ty Sambrailo on a three-year extension Falcons announce that they have agreed to a three-year deal with the offensive lineman.

Falcons agree to terms with Steven Means on one-year extension The Atlanta Falcons have agreed to terms on a one-year extension with defensive end Steven Means. What to expect from the Falcons offense with Dirk Koetter running the show. Falcons agree to terms with Ty Sambrailo on a three-year extension.

Falcons inform Brian Poole he will become a free agent. Position-by-position list of all the players attending. Falcons agree to terms with Steven Means on one-year extension. More News. Cheerleaders in Hong Kong: Celebrating the Chinese New Year. Damontae Kazee's best plays season.

So, you're on the way back from a restaurant and realize you left your iPhone there, but you're late for a meeting and can't go back yet. You may as well kiss that iPhone goodbye, right? Not yet, as long as the right person gets their hands on it first. But that potential do-gooder won't know to contact you, and that's where Find My iPhone's "Lost Mode" comes in handy. Samsung isn't set to reveal its latest and greatest — the Galaxy S10 line — until February 20, but that hasn't stopped leaks from giving us an early taste.

While we already know what the rumored devices will probably look like, we now have access to their wallpapers as well. Apple fans don't need to be left out of the fun — someone has already cropped these images to fit your iPhone's display. LG, however, remains confident and believes improvement will be seen in , starting with the LG G8. However, based on early rumors, they might see more of the same. While iPhones may be more expensive than ever, it won't stop us from losing them or having them stolen.

Whether you have an iPhone 5 S or an iPhone X S Max, there's a good chance it'll go missing at some time during your ownership. It could end up in a couch cushion or in the hands of a pickpocket, but no matter what happens to it, you need to prepare it beforehand for the inevitable. Some websites block image downloads on their webpages so you can't save them for reuse. That means long-pressing or force-pressing on protected images in Safari on your iPhone will not do anything or will omit the "Save Image" option.

Taking a screenshot is the obvious solution to bypass restrictions, but you won't get the best quality. Thankfully, there's another way. Your Instagram feed is jam-packed with interesting and lively photos, videos, and stories that largely offset the iOS app's comparatively bland user interface.

If the interface's dull colors have always bothered you, you can splash on some much-needed color to better reflect your personality and tastes. Browsing the web can be dangerous. With all of the various threats out there, it isn't enough to just avoid bad links and visit only HTTPS websites. You need to take advantage of the tools available to you so you don't end up the victim of some scam.

Fortunately, Opera is making this a bit easier. I'm not a morning person, so getting a "Good Morning" message on my iPhone when I wake up makes me want to toss it across the room. If you feel the same way about this morning greeting, there's an easy way to stop it from showing up on your lock screen. This also applies if your "Good Morning" is actually "Good Afternoon" or "Good Evening," depending on your sleep schedule. The Moto G7 Power is a phone that screams battery life. From its display resolution to the massive battery, it was designed for those who hate to recharge each night.

But unlike other battery-focused smartphones, it comes at a price almost anyone can afford. Apple found itself in serious trouble last week when a teenager discovered a critical FaceTime bug that threatened the security of nearly every iPhone user. The bug enabled a user using Group FaceTime to access either the microphone or the camera of a recipient before they answered the call. According to Apple, the issues have been fixed in an iOS With the best selling phone on Amazon in , Lenovo had big shoes to fill when making the successor of the Moto G6.

Fortunately, Lenovo was up to the task. The Moto G7 continues to provide a high performance-to-price ratio, offering a worthwhile upgrade for G6 users while remaining budget friendly. When Apple released its Downtime feature in iOS 12, it gave us an easy way to control how much time we spend on our iPhones — but it's not perfect. When setting Downtime, you're forced to use the same time schedule for every day of the week, so your weekdays and weekends have the same restrictions.

Apple is changing this in iOS Dark mode support has steadily made its way to mainstream acceptance, with big-name apps like YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter adopting the feature to satisfy user demands. In this regard, Facebook is lagging, yet to offer the sought-after feature for easier viewing in low-light conditions. If your iPhone is jailbroken, however, you don't have to suffer like everyone else.

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You open the App Store to see a huge red number hovering over the "Updates" tab. There's a ton to install, so you tap "Update All. You needed to check Instagram or send a reply to a timely WhatsApp message, but those apps are now stuck waiting for others to update first. Luckily, you don't need to stick to your iPhone's update queue — you can choose which apps to update first. A few months ago, iOS While some of iOS